KIFM has taken the onus on itself to revolutionize the way facility services are carried out in this sector in particular. KIFM is not just a facility services company but actually offer environmental services. KIFM is pioneer in imparting healthcare specific training to its staff and educate them in use of sector specific tools, chemicals & equipment.

Health Associated Infections (HAI’s) are a growing problem across the globe, one person dies every six minutes from an HAI. The challenge for a healthcare facility is to adopt an environmental sanitation program –including products, protocols (processes/ procedures) and equipment – that ensures compliance in an increasingly complex, fast-paced environment. Pathogens usually associated with healthcare facilities in small numbers earlier, are now being seen more widely across the globe. Today all facilities need an effective facility services and environmental sanitation program to prevent infections.

It does not need to be specified separately that facility services in healthcare sector needs special expertise and attention. The obvious sensitive nature of the sector is a major factor in how the services need to be carried out meticulously with utmost care and hygiene. Understanding the nuances and hands on experience in the healthcare sector is mandatory to deliver efficient services.
Not all facility companies can achieve this, only companies who have expertise & deep knowledge of the sector can sustain and keep evolving.