Facilities Management

Our systemic approach to facilities management solution has helped us understand the relationship between the occupier and specific solution they demand.

A building is expression of value. KIFM Facilities management services begins at the design stage of the building. We look at an integrated approach to operating, maintaining, improving and adapting the infrastructure of an organisation in order to create an environment that strongly supports the primary objective of that organisation.


  • Well-equipped trainers for different employment categories
  • In- house training space
  • Experts on board from different industries
  • Meticulous statutory compliances
  • Periodical employee retentions schemes
  • Average life cycle of employee 2 years 02 months (as per latest audit) which is excellent as per industry norms.
  • 15 + clients within group
  • Clients associated more than 2 years are 12+
  • Special services in terms of helping in sourcing for on-roll staff to client.
  • 30 + different staffing solutions available under one roof.